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Preschool is offered in the same room as the school age care when the children are at school.  This program is a Montessori enhanced program and offers both philosophies (Early Childhood Education and Montessori) in the same program.  The reason for this is we believe that children need the socialization for learning how to adapt in a social environment through learning how to share and problem solve at the same time as being exposed to academic materials.  We have a strong phonetic program and we focus on number and letter recognition, simple math exploration, pre-reading, printing, shapes, colors, sorting and more all in a theme based learning environment.  Our goal is to ensure children are more then ready emotionally, physically and academically for Kindergarten.  We also do theme based learning in our programs to ensure that children get a well rounded opportunity to learn through their environment.  This preschool program runs only 10 months of the year and is offered on set days.  Each class is licensed for 20 children and the ratio is 1 staff to 10 children.  A choice of sessions is offered as follows:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday

8:45-11:15am  - $250.00/mth   *less reduction fee        

Tuesday, Thursday

8:45-11:15am  - $203.00/mth   *less reduction fee

Tuesday, Thursday

11:30-2:00pm - $203.00/mth    *less reduction fee

We are an accepted facility for the Reduction fee and therefore there will be a portion of the above fees paid by the government this fall.
*Full day preschool option available under daycare 3-5 years tab