Where your children are our children!! 

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Creative Beginnings

1440 Hugh Allan drive - Unit C

Kamloops, BC V1S 1L8

Phone:  250-377-8700 

Cell:  250-319-8586 

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Welcome to our Center!

My name is Irene Wende, and I started this business as a small home based business out of my home in 1999 after I had my two children and fell in love with spending time with children.  In 2003, when I completed my Early Childhood Education, I opened a preschool after leasing classroom space from the School District here in Kamloops, BC.  After several years of operating within the School District leased spaces and having classrooms at Beattie Elementary, Pacific Way Elementary and Summit Elementary, I decided to expand further and lease commercial space to accommodate a large group center that provides daycare for children ages 0-11 years aswell as preschool.  In 2010, that goal was accomplished.  We have 6 full time staff aswell as myself.  I, myself teach the preschool class and fill in wherever staff need support.  Much of my day is spent at the center with the children and staff, which I consider all a big part of my family.